We are based in Italy, in a little place called Salento, in our little laboratory, we build every single


with love. We are musicians, so we know what musicians need. We do our best to guarantee a top quality products.


What size pedalboard do i need?

Choosing the right size pedalboard is the first step. Our boards are available in four pre-build sizes: Little:(50cm x 25 cm)(20" x 10"), Standard:(57cmx32 cm)(23"x13"), Medium:(70cm x 35cm)(28" x 14") and Large:(80cm x 40cm)(32"x16") in other case you can build it in your custom size. Lay out your pedals and measure the length and depth they take up; be sure to leave room for cables between pedals and handles. Depending on that measurement, go with the board size that is larger than the overall area of your pedals.

Can you put the connectors on the other side of the board?

YES!You can move them anywhere!You can literally move it to ANY location on the bord.Contact us for directions.

Can you make a custom board for me?

YES! We have made a lot! See our Custom Board Page

Which case should i get?

Our boards are available with a sotfbag or ATA flightcase or with our Luxury Hardtop closing system.They are extremely well built and will provide great protection for your new pedalboard. If you are going to be doing light travel with your board and will be transporting it yourself, our softbag are the go to choice. If you plan to fly or pack your board in a trailer, the ATA flightcase or our Hardtop closing system will be able to handle the abuse.

Why should I buy a Luxury Pedalboard?

Well, we are for sure the best board on the market, we are also the most fashion and cleanest pedalboard. Our pedalboards are made in ITALY with top materials. Our quality speaks for itself, and we guarantee you will not find a better board for the money. You will find cheaper... but not better value for money. The most important thing is that you get a board that works for you.... it may be ours and it may not be... but keep in mind your happiness includes several factors: Price, quality, and function. A lot of pedalboards have come to the Luxury, mostly by referral, and many big names (yes we are namedropping). See what some have said here.

Is the material strong?

We have never heard this board material break after many houndreds of boards sold-- NOT EVER as you can see by the many satisfied professionals who use our boards!

What is the board made of?

As of early 2010, we build pedalboards with wood and aluminium hardware.Floor is cover by laminate for extreme pedals fixing. Pedalboards are completelly indestructible.

Will my Voodoo labs / DC Brick/ Power supply fit under the board?

Most likely YES! Unless it's HUGELY ENORMOUS it will fit under the pedalboard!

Can I drill/cut into the board?

Yes. You can modify, drill & cut very easily with regular wood/metal blades & bits.

Do Luxury Pedalboards have a warranty?

Every Luxury Pedalboard comes with a limited lifetime warranty and covers any defects in construction. Our warranty does not cover.

Can i return my Luxury Pedalboard?

All pedalboards are non-refundable. Each board is made to your specifications and we would not be able to resell the board after it has been shipped. Pedalboards are still covered under our warranty and can be repaired or replaced if needed.

More Questions?

Contact us at info@luxurypedalcase.com


If you are ready to get your LUXURY PEDALBOARD please click on ORDER. Fill out the form or send us an email. We will respond promptly showing you the best shipping method , proper cost and mode of payment.


We are always looking for artists who want to join our family. Sometimes we contact directly the artist. We can not give our pedalboards for free, but we can offer special discounts from 30% to 70% according to artist's characteristics: number of followers, visibility and so on. If you think that you are perfect for us, please send us an email.


If you have got a music store or shop and are interested to sell our products, please get in touch with us!